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A Dusty Tome of Ancient Knowledge (Mega Man 2 Passwords)

This week I’m excited to share the first proper release of Diplograph Jaramond, the modified version of EB Garamond (external link) used on this site.

Other changes:


Attachments associate additional files with a note. These can be copied into the site structure for direct viewing or packaged into an archive for downloading.


The site’s dark mode color palette now includes some wide-gamut colors, if you’re using a compatible display.

Diagram colors have similarly been updated.


Diagrams that are body width or narrower are no longer displayed edge-to-edge on smaller screens. (Photos are still displayed edge-to-edge; diagrams often contain text or other content that feels crowded when right against the border of the screen.)


Intra-page cross-references (to another header, for example) no longer generate backlinks.


Diplograph Jaramond

OpenType Positioning Rules Stack Additively

Heavy Rotation

Voice by Hiromi

“Hold on Tight” by aespa