Micro 28

This is the 28th post in the series Microposts. Start reading at the beginning, Micro 1.


A screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. My villager holds up a DIY recipe on the beach. "SWEET! I learned a DIY recipe for a barrel!"

[ Atelier intensifies ]


This was a wild 30 seconds


My villager eyes a scorpion across a small maze of pits.

I got a scorpion island!


My villager stands next to several dozen scorpions in bug containers, stacked tightly together. She's smirking, wearing a tan pith helmet and matching tan shirt and belt. The date stamp in the corner reads "05/04/2020"

Fortunately I was wearing my Explorer Outfit.


The same pile of bugs has grown substantially to over 60 containers of varying shapes and sizes. My villager stands in the middle, looking up at the camera.

But this was almost two weeks ago, and Flick still hasn’t shown up. The bug pile is growing.


A bulletin board drawing, showing Blathers crying with a small spider nearby.


My villager is talking to Tommy in the shop. "And done! I can buy these from you for a total of 69,000 Bells. Sound good?"



Mathilda is talking to my villager in her house. She says, "I always sit down at my antique table to do my skin-care regimen."
She continues, "Lining up my various products and performing each careful step is meditate for me."

Skin care can be self care!


Isabelle sits behind the desk and is reading off the morning announcements. She says "Here's some personal news! I got to do a video chat with my family back home! Mom and Dad are both great!"

Even Isabelle is doing all of her social visits over video chat.


My villager, dressed in a witch's pointed hat and robe with a galaxy and star pattern, and my sister's villager, wearing a kimono and flashy pin. Both us have hands together, eyes closed as we make a wish. A shooting star shines in the sky.

A few days ago a meteor shower happened on my sister’s island, so I went to visit and we wished on the stars together.


My villager has just arrived at a Nook Miles Mystery Island. A wide lake surrounds a small island with five rocks in the center.

You love to see it


Coco sits under two trees on a sunny afternoon, wearing glasses and reading a book.
She sits on the banks of a river, looking up at the evening sky, snacking on a chocolate glazed donut.

She is Important.


Talking to Gulliver.



The main room of my house, heavily decorated. The walls are shoji, the floor wood. The walls are lined with cosplay outfits and real-world album covers. A mirror, nail set, and accessory set are in the corner, next to the wardrobe and suitcase covered in travel stickers. In the opposite corner is a bed, partially blocked off by a folding screen with a stylized pine tree on it. A patterned rug covers the floor; there's a couch and lamp facing the television, and some potted succulents, etc. The date stamp on the corner reads "05/10/2020"

I’m really proud of how my house is coming together.