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Week of March 28, 2021

Write something. Just publish something. Another week of site changes instead of anything substantive, but it is something.

There’s now a cute band of color at the top of the page. The purple end of the gradient is now more pink. The whole thing is a little more vibrant.

Bibliographic entries now include dropping particles (“de”), non-dropping particles (“van”), and suffixes (“Sr.”). I feel bad for omitting them before.

The site now has favicons and touch icons.

On the smallest screens, the text size has been bumped a bit, and there’s more padding on both sides of the body. Hopefully it’s more comfortable to read on phones now.

For a couple of the typefaces on the site I’ve started using font files with static weights rather than the variable versions; I’ve noticed I get more consistent hinting in some browsers with the static ones.