2021 September Week No. 1

Books, The Problem With Recipes

I have this vague sense that Notes, as opposed to blog posts, allow me to work more openly, rather than holding something back until it’s perfect. So in that spirit I’m publishing the Todo list I keep for Diplograph. It also shows off a new style for Task Lists.

There’s a new note about recipes, The Problem with Recipes. I rediscovered my love of reading this year, so there’s some notes about Books, including Books Read in 2021.

A ton of backend work supports the book notes. There’s a new informal style for bibliographic entries: “Title by Author” instead of the not-quite-MLA format used elsewhere. There’s support for marking books as being part of a series, and a new content warning tagging system that I eventually want to extend to the notes themselves.

I wanted to keep track of who suggested what book to me in my The Book Pile, so I added a small mapping system that maps friends to anonymous identifiers. (If you’d like this mapping to instead map to your name or nym, let me know; it can handle that as well).

Also, there are some books that I’d rather not share here, but still want to track of or write notes on, so I’ve added a feature that removes parts of a page marked “private” before publishing. A small placeholder is left where content is omitted, like this:

Some private content has been omitted.

Finally, some type updates, all concerning Inter, the sans-serif used in figure captions and technical writing: