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Diplograph Jaramond

Diplograph Jaramond is an open source revival of sixteenth century old-style serifs, based on types cut by Claude Garamont and Robert Granjon. You’re reading text set in it right now! It’s available in roman and italic.

Jaramond is a modified version of EB Garamond (external link) with several New Features. The first change I added was a kerning pair for Ja, hence the name. The J is pronounced the same as the G in GIF.

FormatOpenType with CFF2 Outlines
StylesRoman · Italic
ScriptsLatin · Greek · Cyrillic
CapitalsSmall Caps · Petite Caps
PositioningSubscript · Superscript · Ordinals · Scientific Inferiors
StylisticSwash Variants · Initial Forms · Terminal Forms · Historical Forms
LigaturesLigatures · Discretionary Ligatures · Historical Ligatures
LicenseSIL Open Font License, Version 1.1

New Features

Modified Kerning

New kerning pairs for Ja Jo No f’ f) nT eT.

Kerning examples in EB Garamond and Diplograph Jaramond

Discretionary Ligature Priority

The st quaint is very noticeable to contemporary readers, and it’s especially jarring when used inconsistently. In the italic, prioritize the st ligature over the cursive _s ligatures.

Discretionary ligature examples

cv01 Alternate Ellipsis

An alternate ellipsis with more space between each period, kerned with ending punctuation. The M/4 spaces are a balance between the M/2 spaces of the late nineteenth century ellipsis and the thin spaces in some contemporary types.

Ellipsis examples

cv02 Alternate Bracket Spacing

Adds extra space inside parentheses, brackets, and braces. Adjacent punctuation is unmodified.

Bracket spacing examples

cv03 Alternate Multiplication Symbol

Designed to be used with old-style figures, the cv03 multiplication symbol has been lowered towards the baseline.

Multiplication symbol examples

Version History

v 0.2 April 6, 2023

Fixed an issue with the g_j and i_s discretionary ligatures where incorrectly classified caret anchors were causing the glyphs to be positioned as diacritical marks.

cv01 Alternate Ellipses now also adjusts the spacing of adjacent periods and periods followed by ellipses. Fixed the italic ellipsis, which now has 250 units of space between periods instead of 249 units.

cv02 Alternate Bracket Spacing is now implemented via positioning rules instead of glyph substitutions. There should be no visible change, but the font file is just a tiny bit smaller.

v 0.1 Prerelease

New kerning pairs: Ja Jo No f’ f) nT eT.

Added cv01 Alternate Ellipsis.

Added cv02 Alternate Bracket Spacing.

Added cv03 Alternate Multiplication Symbol.