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A Snowy Plover Darts Among the Waves

Very little content this week as I’ve been busy with other things, but here are some updates about the site itself.


Added support for callout boxes (sometimes called admonition boxes). Callouts can have titles or custom colors based on their type.

See Ink’s CommonMark Extensions: Callout Blocks and Callouts.


Reworked support for draft notes. I want to publish more in-progress work, and that means clearly disclosing what’s unfinished. (Everything is unfinished, really, but some things are especially unfinished.)

Transcluding the {{draft}} snippet automatically marks a note as a draft and adds a callout at the top of the page.

Links to draft notes are in a different color: Draft A Draft Note for Testing. (It’s currently purple; I’m still thinking about whether this could be confused with the default styling for a visited link and whether it’s the right purple.)

Cross References

I wanted links to newly added Good Words to be just the word, and thus:

The title of the target note can be suppressed by prefixing the note-identifier with !: [[!good-words#aureate]].

Fragment targets can specify the text used in links to them with a data-cross-reference-title attribute.

Some fragment targets are now shown in the accent (magenta) color when linked to.

See Ink’s CommonMark Extensions: Cross-References.


Fixed an issue where incorrect font features were being used in both inline and block code snippets. font-feature-settings is the worst.

Adjusted the layout of the front page on smaller screens.


Good Words: aureate

Heavy Rotation

the record by boygenius

the Billage of perception: chapter three by Billlie