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A Piano Echoing in a Moss-Covered, Crumbling Stone Hall

Trying some new things.

Over the last few months I’ve accumulated too many changes to talk about. Some highlights:


A new masthead and Front Page.


CommonMark syntax for cross-references, transclusions, definition lists, sidenotes, citations, and math. See Ink’s CommonMark Extensions.

A major rewrite of how extensions to CommonMark are implemented.

An overhaul of the citation system. Hopefully this makes it easier to manage inline citations, but I also recognize this is a rabbit hole down which too many people have disappeared.


A new modular type scale and a major refactoring of how type sizes are implemented in CSS.

Many, many microtypography improvements and fixes. Some are noted in Microtypography.

A major rewrite to the subsetting pass allowing specific glyphs to be dropped. The core font files have been reduced by almost half from 169 KB to 83 KB.

Support for Japanese fonts and an easier way of writing ruby.


Accessibility improvements across the site, particularly for those using screen readers or keyboard navigation.


Removal of several underutilizied features, some used by only one post. Many of those posts have been archived for now.

I have a huge pile of notes to import. For now, click around the hubs for Games or Typography.

I’ve updated the list of Books I read last year. Do you have something I should add to my Book Pile?