Week of January 10, 2021

I wanted to start writing and creating regularly again, so I gave myself a goal of posting something every week, even if it was just a few paragraphs, or especially if it was just a few paragraphs.

And then we watched an attack on the US Capitol, and experienced so much that seemed so surprising and unsurprising at the same time.

I’m so tired right now. I couldn’t find any space to write. So I did what I could, and worked, and read, and watched K-dramas, and played board games, and cooked, and cried. I wrote some code, because code is this thing that feels real and familiar and solid. So here are the things I could do:

I figured out a really fragile way of removing individual glyphs from a font. This way I could remove the ct or st discretionary ligatures from EB Garamond but enable the others, like Th or tt. I wrote a little bit about this on the Typefaces and Typography page.

I started some work on the figures system to allow for more interesting layouts. I’m adding support for captions to go with figures. I’m slowly replacing the weird medium, large, larger layout sizes I had with a 6 column system.

This isn’t enough, and I don’t mean like this list of changes should be longer, but I mean this isn’t enough, but it is what I have to share.