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There Is No Single sRGB Color Profile

There is no single sRGB (or Display P3, Rec.2020, etc.) color profile. Different vendors develop and publish their own implementations with their tools, which can vary in specifics.

A profile might use a different number or set of points to describe the tone response curves. Or maybe the primaries differ slightly.

Technically Profiles Aren’t Interchangable Even When They Describe the Same Colorspace, but outside of workflows where the highest accuracy is required, the differences may be minor enough to consider swapping them out. (For example, Use Compact Color Profiles to Reduce Image Size.)


Identifying Profiles is Hard


Can you use the different vendor profiles to identify the tools used to process an image?

Could you a subtly different profile to create a unique embeddable identifier that would survive image resizing or recompression? The profile might be stripped or replaced, but profiles are preserved by many processes and pipelines.

“Will the Real sRGB Profile Please Stand Up?” by Elle Stone (external link)