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A Lightroom Bug

Has anyone run into a bug where Lightroom Classic CC exports a file with the wrong size?

I’ve got an export preset that specifies a maximum width of 2400px and no height constraint, but the image it exports has a width of 2399px.

If I change the preset size to 2399px, the exported image is also 2399px. In fact, the file is exactly the same except for the XMP marker, where the values of DocumentID, InstanceID, and MetadataDate reasonably differ.

If I change the preset to 2401px, the exported image is 2401px wide. Sure, fine, whatever.

This also only seems to happen with some photos, such as the one taken at the Santa Monica State Beach.

Observed with Lightroom 7.4, running on macOS 10.13.5 (17F77).