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Silent Snow That Promises A Different Way of Being

It’s exciting, seeing groundwork from the last few weeks coming together. I’m excited to share some more substantial notes about digital typesetting that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Inter-Character Features Don’t Work Across Fonts
Adjacent Romans and Italics Can Collide
The METAFONTbook Contains a Sentence That Search Engines Haven’t Indexed
Terrible Ebook Typesetting: Contextless, Rule-Based Formatting

I keep going back and forth on whether detailed lists of the things I change in the site’s engine are interesting. I’m proud of the details, but also recognize this is noise to most folks.

Citations and Bibliographies

Inline citations now disambiguate themselves using an item’s short title or short description if multiple items on the same page have the same authors.

Individual bibliographic items can specify the use of short titles or descriptions over authors for inline citations.

Bibliographic listings now correctly order mixes of items with and without authors.

Figures and Diagrams

Diagrams now support the “natural size” layout. The diagram’s view box is used to calculate its intrinsic width.

“Natural size” figures that are smaller than the body width no longer clear floats on both sides in multi-column layouts. This allows a sidenote to run alongside the figure.


Fixed an issue with small caps in h3 headers being spaced too tightly.

This Site Is That Extra

Added support for the \XeTeX macro.

“book” is now allowed as a suffix to small caps, as in The METAFONTbook.

Heavy Rotation