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Iridescent Pixels Pressed Into the Palm of My Hand

Only a “small” update, partly because it still takes too long to put together a note with a bunch of images, and partly because I spent a lot of time wondering if this is the sort of site that might transcribe something like “To giue it ſufficiẽt light as inſtruments appointed for yͤ ſame, to ſerue to mãs vſe” (1560 Geneva Bible 1r note o), not because it’s a particularly interesting bit of text, but because it has several interesting orthographic details that we no longer use.

And who am I kidding, of course this is that kind of site, and so I had to spend some time adding support for the Junicode typeface in some limited contexts.

The 1560 Geneva Bible
Printed Early Modern English
Heavy Rotation
technicolor by Covet