2021 August Week No. 2

Tables, Japanese Updates

Table titled "Appendix II: Chronology of ROman Types mentioned in this Article."

From The ‘Garamond’ Types by Beatrice Warde writing under the name Paul Beaujon. Originally in Fleuron No. 5, 1926, this version from Fleuron Anthology, 1973.

I’ve been obsessed with this table from The ‘Garamond’ Types by Beatrice Warde, writing under the name Paul Beaujon. The article itself is significant; it said “hey everyone, remember when the Imprimerie nationale pulled a bunch of matrices cut by Claude Garamont out of storage and we all used them to make a bunch of type revivals that we called ‘Garamond’? What if—and this is kind of weird but hear me out—what if they weren’t actually made by Claude Garamont? What if they were actually made by Jean Jannon?” And everyone went oh sh— and still to this day plenty of typefaces called ‘Garamond’ aren’t.

But look at this table! It’s wonderful! Which is to say I’ve been reworking the tables on this site. There are a few different major styles, but one of them draws from The ‘Garamond’ Types. Here’s a demo:

Excerpt from The ‘Garamond’ Types Appendix II: Chronology of Roman Types mentioned in this Article.
Size of Type
Author and Title
4Paris1531 (N.S.), Mar.(Colines) Tory17-pointBochetel: Le Sacre
A pamphlet of 3 ff.
4Paris1531, Oct.Colines12-pointTerentianus: De literis
First appearance of this pioneer face in a book.
‘1531, 6. Id. Jan.’
[ Jan. 8, 1532? ]
R. Estienne12-pointDubois: Isagoge
The 12-point used for the body of the text. All three are related designs, resembling Nos. 1 and 6. The middle size (No. 8) first appeared as body text in Virgil: Opera, Paris, R. Estienne, 1532 (Sept.).

I’m not sure if adding the braces would be too much, but I am considering it.

Because it’s not really possible to express that sort of table using either CommonMark or MultiMarkdown tables, and building it by hand in HTML would be way too annoying, I’ve added support for snippets written in Pug, which has syntax inspired by HAML.

So, for example, part of the table above looks like this in Pug:

            td 4
            td.small_caps_and_capitals(rowspan=2) Paris
            td(rowspan=2) 1531, 
                span.italic Oct.
            td(rowspan=2) Colines
            td 12-point
            td(rowspan=2) Terentianus: 
                cite De literis
            td 5
            td 17-point
            td(role="none" colspan=2)
            td.note(colspan=4) First appearance of this pioneer face in a book.

For folks reading this site through a feed reader, sidenotes are now embedded in the content. The Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy for images has been adjusted, so they should now load more consistently in both browser-based and some app-based readers.

The Typefaces and Typography page has been updated with a section about Japanese. Yes, I do use both Natsume Soseki and SpongeBob as snippets in the formatting examples. This site contains multitudes.