Micro 9

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and they say the suburbs have no culture

The Trader Joe's mailer, The Fearless Flyer, advertising Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins and Mango and Cream Bars. The art is a repurposed wood carving of circus performers flying through the air on trapeeze swings.


gonna get turnt tonight

A Yes & Know brand Sports Spectacular Invisible Ink Fascinating Facts & Fun Games book, complete with invisible ink pen.



A Bullseye game in the Yes & Know Invisible Ink book. The instructions read, "You are a field hockey referee and need to review the terminology before the first game of the season begins. Your goal is to uncover as many words as you can before time runs out. Fill in any space on the target. If a letter appears, choose a word with that letter and fill in the circle below it. However if you uncover a star, fill in a circle in the time box. Can you complete all the words before time runs out?" The completed game has five of the nine words completed, but four stars have been found and the Time Box is filled, so the game is over.


i kind of love this succulent crab at Pier 39

A crab sculpture. The legs, claws, and antennae are made of metal, but the body is shaped out of succulent plants.


YUV 4:2:0 chroma subsampling blaze it


When you’re going through some stuff and you talk to someone and learn they’re going through even worse stuff

That doesn’t erase your own feelings. You shouldn’t be Not Sad because someone else is sadder


Like… of course you support your friends and their situations too

But your own feelings are still real and valid and important