Micro 3

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Hey, it’s-a me-a, your boy Mario, coming at you from the Mushroom Kingdom



There is only one train that runs on these tracks, and I am getting off at the last stop, but that won’t stop me from anxiously looking up every minute to check that I am on the right train and that I haven’t missed my stop


I think “you can’t judge a book by its cover” was invented by a slacking book cover designer


bless /Volumes/ThisMess


Is it cooler if your first name is Wolf, like Wolf Blitzer, or if your last name is Wolf, like Executive Producer Dick Wolf


—Thanks, Mr. Wolf.
—Please, Mr. Wolf is my father. Call me Executive.


This is me.

A sequence of stills from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, 1971. Panel 1. A man stands in front of a large computer. &lquot;I am now telling the computer that if it will tell me the correct answer I will gladly share with it the grand prize.&rquot; Panel 2. The man, looking nervously disappointed, is reading from a computer printout card. &lquot;It says, 'What would a computer do with a lifetime supply of garlic bread?'&rquot; Panel 3. Three business men in suits. They appear to be deeply unimpressed. Panel 4. The first man, now looking quite stressed, is typing into the computer console. &lquot;I am now telling the computer exactly what it can do with a lifetime supply of garlic bread.&rquot;