Micro 21, Enigma and Above the Ring

This is the 21st post in the series Microposts. Start reading at the beginning, Micro 21, Enigma and Above the Ring.


A couple of photos from a work party from back in May.

Lady Gaga sings a ballad, her face projected onto a giant video screen underneath a rainbow arch in the classic Apple logo colors. Many folks in the crowd have their phones out, recording the same image.

Enigma, Lady Gaga.


A tower of lights emits a faint stream of water vapor into the sky, where lasers illuminate the cloud patterns in deep red colors.
The backdrop is now a green, while yellow beams of light criss-cross the sky.
A cluster of lights emits soft beams of deep red, against a dark navy sky.
Unnatural green clouds are reflected in water. The dark silhouettes of trees separate the sky and water.


A plume of water vapor, illuminated a grayish green, forms against a black sky.

Above the Ring, Olafur Eliasson.


Pokémon players
Crypto attackers

Figuring out what the IVs are


Okay the thing about Milli Vanilli is
The thing is that’s just .001 Vanilli
Can you even imagine just one full Vanilli


Tim Tams is short for Timothy Tamothys


Stop, thief! Come back here with my Jamba Juice!

I’ve been hit by I’ve been struck by a smoothie criminal!


Your rhymes are weak
Mine are at their peak
Your battery is low
Hear that warning: BEEP