Micro 20

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I saw a scary Japanese horror movie about a cursed videotape. If you watch the tape its contents are overwritten a few seconds later with more content.

It was called The Ring Buffer


Is the industry conference for cosmetics mirrors, lighting, organizers and desks called the Vanity Fair and if not then with whom do I lodge the complaint


I found a resonant truth in the title of a post-rock song


You know how there are like science museums and stuff? Is there an equivalent for like… the legal field?

And are they also called Discovery Centers?


Recent Search History:

> why is butter yellow
> is expensive butter worth it
> why is butter delicious
> butter
> buttered butter


> everything bagel seasoning
> is it legal to put everything bagel seasoning on toast
> is it legal to put everything bagel seasoning on everything
> encouraging widespread social change w.r.t. putting everyting bagel seasoning on everything



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