Micro 2

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When the cs server is under construction and has only one map in rotation:

Sorry for the de_dust


The default ResEdit icon for moov resources. A piece of paper with a folded over corner, the standard document icon on Mac OS, contains a man with glasses and combed hair. The document appears to have replaced one of the film reels of a movie projector, and there's also a speaker projecting sound waves out of it. The entire icon is only 32x32 pixels and uses only 8 colors, so the overall effect is crude and a little comical.


Who called it “tap creature you control” and not “turn of a friendly card”

(by The Alan Parsons Project)


A tailor on the Redwood Coast that specializes in the repair of hipster fashion: Mendochinos.


Myst is good but you really should play the original Japanese ミスト. There’s a lot of nuance that’s lost in the English dub.

A CD of the game Myst ported for Sega Saturn and localized for Japan.


How Can Objects Be Real If Our Ivars Aren’t Real


How Can Numbers Be Real If Our 𝑖’s Aren’t Real


i regret to inform you this is indeed my final form