Micro 19

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Spoilers (DELTARUNE)
A screenshot from the videogame DELTARUNE. The player character, Kris, stands in an empty classroom, near a computer on a desk. The description box reads, '* (The computer is turned off.)'
'* (Everything felt peaceful for a moment.)'


Spoilers (DELTARUNE)
Kris and Ralsei stand in Castle Town. '* The power of fluffy boys shines within you.'



Ugh I hate overarchivers


'The Onceler's Hierarchy of All People's Needs.' A solid triangle labeled 'Thneeds'.


Since Joker is going to be in Smash, are the other fighters playing his game to catch up on his character?

When Sheik sits down to play Persona 5 do they reach for their Wireless DualSheik Controller


Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America, is retiring. This means I now have a time limit on all of the good good Reggie jokes I’ve been hoarding.


A magenta Reggie face overlaid on a cyan Reggie face on a yellow Reggie face on a black Reggie face.

Printer’s Reggiestration marks.


Puppet Reggie completes 'Nintendo 64' incline pushups on the weight bench in his backstage waiting room.

Puppet Reggie really does crank out “Nintendo 64” incline pushups every day. It’s part of his daily Reggiemen.


As part of prepping for E3 each year, does he send in his expo Reggiestration?


I guess in the end he delivered, to the board of directors, his Reggiegnation.