Micro 13


If Conan O’Brien wrote down all of the words he knew, would that be a lexiconan?


“Hey Pygmalion, you coming out drinking with us?”

“No thanks, I prefer 3D girls.”


every time a bell rings your toast is done


Help the restaurant band is playing Backstreet Boys
in the style of Carlos Santana and there is blood everywhere
so much blood a dark rift has opened and Santana
oh my god rearrange the letters it’s “A Satan”??
Lord of Hell has been awakened in this very theme restaurant


If you teach figure skating, do you hold drop-in onice hours?


> sims construction music trap remix


For a second I thought New York was super next level and the subway platforms had coffee

A sign with an emergency firehose image on it.


I mean

The same photo, but the Illy logo has been digitally placed over the sign. I think it looks super similar, anyway.