Micro 12


Toadette’s Turntpike


Doki Doki Panic at the Disco


“I brought a shopping bag. Actually there’s a second bag inside that bag, just to create a sort of topological nightmare” is a thing I just said to the cashier at Trader Joe’s and now I have to go hide forever


I went off script. It’s my own fault. You’re supposed to make a small joke about the Trader Joe-Joe’s, a nice comment about the olive tapenade and maybe ask about the cold brew coffee. It’s what you do.


Solo (drank), doppio (drank)
Cappuccino (drank), macchiato (drank)
Americano (drank), red eye (drank)
Coffee (drank), coffee (drank)


Why you babysittin’ only two or three shots?
I’ma show you how to turn it up a notch
First you get a swimming pool full of coffee then you dive in
Pool full of coffee then you dive in


Hunter S. Thompson’s book about about keeping grazing animals away from his just planted garden: Deer and Loaming in Las Vegas


Hunter S. Thompson’s memior about about receiving a cell phone bill after being out of the country for two weeks: Tears and Roaming in Las Vegas


Hunter S. Thompson’s book about that time they put on one of Shakespeare’s tragedies in a geodesic structure: Lear and Doming in Las Vegas


Hunter S. Thompson’s heartwarming Christmas story about an urban planner who learns to reserve some room for the holiday season: Cheer and Zoning in Las Vegas