Micro 11


Panel 1: Onion raises the Replicator Wand on high, amidst a shower of replicated Guy capsules. Panel 2: The replicator aura surrounds the cool kids (Buck, Jenny, and Sour Cream). Lars is there too, but he's not included in the glowing magical cloud.

Why did Onion point the Replicator Wand at the cool kids?

He wanted a million Bucks.


Itchaboy Paul coming at you with a another episode of Man vs Pin

Code. Let’s get started. 1111. Nope. 1112. Dang. 1113. Wooo this one’s a toughie.


Itchaboy Paul coming at you with a new unboxing video here we go

double unwrappedNumber = [wrappedNumber doubleValue];

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This ad for a Brooklyn condo is attacking me: Picture of a Shiba Inu. Someone scaling a rock climbing wall. A Trader Joe’s.


The only blockchain I care about is clearing back to back Tetrises


carbonated carbs
you know like a spaghetti with bubbles
fizzy cereal
effervescent rice
Bread Zero