Micro 1

This is the first post in the series Microposts.


Hey it’s your boy shmem hanging out in two address spaces at the same time.



my life’s dream is to eat one of every bread


the new irl cookie clicker game is really good. got a new high score.

Handheld tally counter, the sort used to count people as they walk by. My current score is 85.


And what yoga pants shall the poor girl wear
To all the lazy days on the couch after all tomorrow’s parties


wow that car is really tailgating that tow truck and other super smart conversations i have with myself


My hosting provider wrote exactly the opposite of the thing they intended to communicate.

Screenshot of a part of an email that reads "Here's how to enable Malware Remover:"
Screenshot of a part of an email that reads "4. Under Security, select Malware Remover Off 5. Then select Add Malware button"


when the yoga instructor plays a song you know and you spend the rest of the practice thinking about how Pure Moods was kind of good actually and was that the first time you heard about Twin Peaks?