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October 2009
A Boy and His Blob
December 2009
February 2010
Machinarium's Pipe Puzzle
September 2010
Turning ZSNES Raw Videos into an Image Sequence
Mario's Magic Cape
July 2011
Gertrude's Secrets
February 2012
Mapping ShockWave
May 2012
Mapping ShockWave Part II
September 2015
The Command & Conquer Grape Conspiracy
October 2015
The Odd Economics of Majesty's House of Heroes
Final Fantasy XIII Is Only Mostly Awful
A Brief Intro to Final Fantasy XIII's Battle System
Limited Resources and Elemental Attacks
Power Curves
Paradigm Pedagogy, And The Worst Chapters of the Game
November 2015
Miscellaneous Nitpicks and Final Thoughts
My Stock Character Names
The Tin of Tetris Mints
The NES Tetris PRNG
Hardware Linear Feedback Shift Registers in the NES