Week of February 21, 2021

     o       n e
t   wo    
t      hre  e
 f   ou r 
 f        ive
  s       i   x
  s      e ven
         ei     ght
   n      i  n e
t        e   n

Photograph of a warm sunny day in a park. Small flowers dot the grassy hill leading up some trees, under a clear deep sky.

I don’t write math on this blog very often, but I think there must be a law that states as a blogging engine grows older, the probability of it adding support for TeX\TeX approaches 1. Or:

limtPTeX(t)= 1(1) \tag{1} \lim\limits_{t \rightarrow \infin} P_{\TeX}(t) = \space 1

Which is to say Ink now supports math typeset with KaTeX\KaTeX. There’s a new section about this on the Typefaces and Typography page.